We use Vitallium 2000® as our metal of choice. This can be used in conjunction with our premium or custom finishes, as well as combination cases with TCS® Unbreakable.

As of 2017 Skinner Dental Lab is no longer part of the Cu-Sil franchise. We no longer offer any of the products (including cleaner) in this brand.

We now look to TCS® partials as the best option for patients.

  • Premium Denture: If you're into creating works of art for your patients this is the denture for you. Utilizing Lucitone 199 in conjunction with the Success closed injection processing system for superior fit. In conjunction with Portrait or Bioform IPN Teeth, or a premium brand of your choice. Art and technology combine in the Premium Denture to make your abilities shine.
  • Standard Denture:Dealing with insurance companies? Our Standard denture is perfect for those times when frugality is a major consideration. Affordability is its hallmark. Using all ADA approved materials and stock teeth, this denture could be an asset to your practice. After all is said and done, dentures are still custom made appliances.
  • Custom Gingival Tint: We now offer a custom gingival tint for acrylic dentures. This custom tint creates a real-feel of gum-like tissue and colors as compared to traditional acrylic. This can be applied to the final stage of the denture process for an additional fee. Call our office for more info.

Full Dentures

Cast Partial Framework

Same-Day Denture Repairs & Relines   10 - 4!

As a Certified lab, we have the proper training and experience to provide a quality TCS® product to your patient.

TCS® Unbreakable RPDs are thin, flexible, lightweight, and extremely comfortable. Doctors and patients enjoy the unparalleled simplicity, comfort and aesthetics afforded by TCS® Unbreakable.

Flexible Partials adjust and flex with the natural contours of the mouth. Doctors and patients enjoy the unparalleled simplicity, comfort and aesthetics afforded by TCS® Partials.

(For dental professionals ONLY. Skinner Lab does NOT see patients. No exceptions.)

If your practice is located in our "local" delivery area, we offer same-day services to you! 

Local area includes from: Hillsboro Blvd in Deerfield Beach, to Okeechobee Blvd in West Palm Beach. 


Call before 10:00am - Returned at 4:00pm!

  • Cracked denture
  • Missing a tooth? (Add up to 4 teeth to an existing acrylic partial/denture! More teeth missing = additional days needed in-lab)
  • 1-3 tooth Flippers (DOES NOT INCLUDE CLASPS. For more than 3 teeth and/or claps, additional days are needed in-lab)
  • Hard Denture Reline 

Bite Appliances 


  1. Ideal for partial dentures and unilaterals
  2. Economical, aesthetic solution for missing teeth
  3. Metal-free Gingival veneers to mask exposed root surfaces
  4. Ideal for patients allergic to monomer or nickel
  5. Used as a transitional restoration during the healing period for implants Presence of tori, oral cancer, cleft palate

These services are available to dental practices ONLY. 

TCS®  Unbreakable

We offer a variety of bite appliances, from traditional night guards to sport athletic guards. 

  • Hard bite splint
  • Soft bite splint
  • Hard / Soft bite splint mix
  • B-Splint
  • Variflex bite splint
  • Surgical guide
  • Soft athletic guard  (colors vary)

Skinner Dental Laboratory

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